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News update: 1st edition 2018 4PS Magazine

In the latest edition of the 4PS Magazine our customer Bolton Group explains the way they keep extracting more and more valuable, predictive information from 4PS Construct. Next, we share some of the most recent product innovations, such as in our apps, the Graphical Resource Planning, the updated prognosis screen and location determination with Bing Maps. The 4PS Magazine can be read digitally, enjoy the reading!


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Your new ERP system: a magic box?

Mostly, customers consider the implementation of an industry-specific software solution as a perfect opportunity for them to evaluate and optimize their business processes. It is often considered to let the ERP solution determine how they should work in the future. And at the start of each implementation, everyone agrees with this! People want the changes to happen and express that feeling. Should be easy then. However, reality indicates otherwise.


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Integration of BIM and ERP: Essential for the Construction Industry

By 2025, the global construction is forecasted to grow by approximately 70%. To manage this growth, the most important growth indicators are those that are central to and should guide changes such as; sustainable building design, lean construction, improved collaboration across the supply chain and decision-making based on complete information. Gaps must be bridged between building projects and technology. The heart of the matter is information and the different ways in which this information can be disseminated to the various disciplines via the appropriate channels. Therefore, it is important to integrate BIM (Building Information Modeling) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).


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